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What every veteran should know about cremation benefits

United States veterans are entitled to be buried or have their ashes interred in any National Cemetery that has available space at no charge. Currently, the Veterans Administration operates 125 national cemeteries, of which 65 are open for new casketed interments, and 21 are open to accept cremated remains only. Burial options are limited to those available at a specific cemetery but may include an in-ground casket or interment of cremated remains in a columbarium, the ground, or a scatter garden. The government runs these programs and benefits may change at any time.

Neptune Society helps plan your veteran cremation

Neptune Society’s dedicated family services representatives are trained to answer your questions about veteran cremation and help you navigate benefits eligibility and planning. Make your first call to Neptune Society for information on both cremation and veteran funeral benefits.

Ask our Family Services Representatives for more information on veterans cremation benefits.

Through the Veterans Administration, veterans may also be eligible for the following benefits:

  • $300 reimbursement towards your cremation service
  • Free headstones or markers in granite, marble or bronze
  • Presidential Memorial Certificates

To get more information directly from the Veterans Administration, we recommend the following online resources:

Also visit Our FAQ Cremation Video Library

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