Neptune Society Ohio Offers Free “Record Your Wishes” Service

As part of its initiative to assist families through the preplanning process, Neptune Society in Ohio has launched a new program that allows people to state what they want for their final wishes in a clear and concise way.

Families in Ohio will no longer struggle in figuring out what their loved ones would have wanted. With the Record Your Wishes community service project, Neptune Society is giving families a tool to start the conversation around end of life care and planning.

The Record Your Wishes service is completely online and allows someone to state their preference for cremation over burial at no cost. That person can then download and print out a certificate that details the kind of plan they would prefer to have. By informing family members about one’s wishes through sharing the certificate or informing family members where that certificate is located, loved ones will know how to take care of their loved one at the time of need.

This service works well for those who are ready to begin the planning process but feel uncomfortable completing the process fully or who currently lack the funds to do so. It serves as a way to start the conversation about how one wants to be remembered after they are gone, and Neptune Society Ohio hopes to encourage people to discuss their options with friends and family. Even though friends and family may know a lost loved one well, hoping they will remember a short conversation or somehow know what that loved one wanted is risky. The Record Your Wishes service project through Neptune Society Ohio solves this problem by keeping a record of that person’s wish for cremation.

The Record Your Wishes service is not a prepaid cremation service. It is simply a statement that one wishes to be cared for through one of Neptune Society Ohio’s cremation plans. To secure one’s plan, one simply may contact a nearby office or complete an information request form online to learn more about solidifying one’s cremation plan and taking the burden completely off the shoulders of grieving family and friends. However, one can choose to specify which of Neptune Society Ohio’s cremation service packages they would prefer, making the planning process easy, fast, and straightforward. Residents of Ohio also have the option of preplanning a cremation service online, making the preplanning process even easier.

No matter how one wishes to plan for a cremation service, the Record Your Wishes service provides a no-obligation, free program to help start the cremation planning conversation. Cremation planning in Ohio at the time of need can be stressful, but with the Record Your Wishes service through Neptune Society Ohio, one can make sure that their family and friends know exactly what they want for themselves after they have passed away, bringing peace of mind to both the planner and their loved ones.

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