Neptune Society Launches New Webinar

Neptune Society continues to add resources for families that are thinking about choosing cremation through a new webinar. Whether a family has questions about the steps for preplanning, the services Neptune Society provides at the time of need, or the benefits of covering cremation costs in advance, the webinar answers all the most frequently asked questions about cremation services.

The webinar first tackles the intricacies of preplanning a cremation. Preplanning a cremation (also called a pre-need service) is when someone chooses to plan a cremation for themselves before they pass away. This allows that person to have complete control over how they are cared for instead of letting that responsibility fall on their loved ones’ shoulders. Preplanning can often be a little uncomfortable, as any conversation about end-of-life services can be. However, Neptune Society’s knowledgeable staff can walk families through the steps of creating a pre-need funeral agreement that outlines cremation services of the families’ choosing. With the expertise that Neptune Society offers, families can feel much more at ease as they create their plan, and they can feel at peace that their wishes will be carried about with care and compassion.

Neptune Society also assists families who have recently experienced a loss. As the webinar explains, whether a person preplanned a cremation service, Neptune Society licensed funeral directors are able to be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Neptune Society believes it is an honor that thousands of families trust them every year to fulfill their loved one’s final wishes. At the time of need, one simple call to Neptune Society is all that is needed, and then their staff takes care of everything including transportation of a loved one, the cremation service itself, and consultations with the family to complete death certificates, collect government benefits, and complete other important documents.

The cost of cremation is also covered by Neptune Society’s webinar. The average funeral and burial service can cost over $10,000, but the average cremation can cost 75% less. This makes cremation the clear choice for families who want a dignified yet affordable service. In fact, this drastic difference in price is partially responsible for the dramatic increase in America’s cremation rate, from 25% to almost 50% in less than 20 years. This means that right now 1 in 2 Americans are choosing cremation as their final wish. To reap the financial benefits of cremation, the webinar discusses how preplanning can protect a family from the naturally inflating cost of funeral services. Neptune Society’s prepaid cremation plans lock in today’s lower cremation prices so inflation won’t require families to pay extra at the time of need.

Neptune Society offers many free resources, including this new webinar, that discuss the benefits of preplanning cremation and how to get started. For even more information, families are invited to download Neptune Society’s cremation guide e-book or to contact a local office. No matter how a family chooses to care for themselves and their loved ones, Neptune Society is happy to assist families through the entire cremation process with compassion and dignity.


The Neptune Society is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of affordable cremation services. Whether you have an immediate need or want to plan cremation services in advance, we are always available to assist you and your family.

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