Neptune Society Introduces “The 12 Weeks of Peace” Online Bereavement Program

Neptune Society empathizes with those who have lost loved ones. The journey of grief is a long, tough one, and after serving families for over 48 years as America’s Most Trusted Cremation Services® provider, Neptune Society has decided to introduce a new resource for anyone grieving after the loss of a loved one: The 12 Weeks of Peace Online Bereavement Program.

The 12 Weeks of Peace is a series of emails designed to provide comfort and hope during a time of loss. After someone signs up for the service, they will receive an email once a week for twelve weeks with a short message pertaining to a certain monthly theme. Within the weekly email will be links to a website with information about common symptoms of grief, stories of how others have handled their emotions after the loss of a loved one, and tips for how to begin the healing process. The information is organized by “days,” but users are welcome to read the daily messages in any order and at their own pace. Since everyone grieves differently, Neptune Society believes it is important for users to go through the material in whatever manner they feel most comfortable.

The entire process is broken up into three four-week segments with different themes to help users through different parts of the grieving process. The first segment, Grief, guides users through the first raw emotions after a passing. The second segment, Healing, provides tools and resources such as support groups to help users to begin to recover from a loss. The third and final segment, Moving Forward, shows users various ways they can memorialize their loved one in everyday life in a healthy way while offering ways for a user to return to their daily responsibilities.

Neptune Society understands that not everyone goes through each of these three stages at all or in the same order and that no one ever truly “fully recovers” after the loss of a loved one. Neptune Society simply hopes to provide a resource for those going through the process of grief. Over the years, Neptune Society has helped families from a service perspective, and now they wish to help their members on a more personal level, to not only provide caring service but to show how much they care for their members as people. The service is completely free, requiring nothing but an email address to receive all twelve emails and links to the extra information.

Everyone struggles through grief at some point in their lives, but Neptune Society hopes that The 12 Weeks of Peace will help those in grief come to terms with their loss in a healthy way that also honors their loved one. The program is also available as a free resource to non-members.

For more information about The 12 Weeks of Peace Online Bereavement Program simply visit the website. Signing up is as simple as entering an email. More information about how Neptune Society is helping its communities can be found through their website as well.


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