Neptune Society Airs New “Responsibility” Commercial

Neptune Society has released a brand new commercial titled “Responsibility” that discusses why planning final arrangements ahead of time may be one of the most responsible acts a parent can do for their children. And while sometimes being responsible can be a stressful endeavor, Neptune Society helps to make at least this task easy.

Responsibility is, of course, a huge theme in Neptune Society’s new commercial. Parents must be responsible for their children’s growth throughout their lives, but why would that responsibility end when those children need their parents the most? Having a concrete plan for a prepaid cremation at the time of need can lift a huge burden off a child’s shoulders during that stressful time. A preplanned cremation through Neptune Society can provide children with comfort and security knowing that they are caring for their parents exactly like their parents would’ve wanted to be cared for.

But, sometimes, starting a cremation plan can be daunting. Perhaps it’s difficult to start the conversation with loved ones or there are religious concerns. Neptune Society offers a large collection of articles about cremation for those who wish to ensure that they are making a responsible decision about their services. For those who wish to learn even more about the cremation process, Neptune Society’s cremation information guide is a great place to start learning about the benefits of cremation preplanning.

Preplanning a cremation with Neptune Society allows parents to choose what kind of services they would want for themselves instead of thrusting the responsibility of making those decisions onto their grieving children. Parents can set aside time while they are still healthy and of sound mind to go over cremation prices and request additional information at their own pace. In some states, a prepaid cremation service with Neptune Society can be purchased conveniently online, and there are cremation experts at every office eager to help families in person to choose a service that works best for them.

When a Neptune Society member passes away, just one call to Neptune Society takes care of everything from transportation, through the cremation process, until the moment where the member is returned to their loved ones. This means that children can focus on coming together as a family during that emotional time instead of trying to orchestrate the entire cremation process on their own.

To take the first step to accomplish the last responsible task they will ever need to do for their children, parents can contact a local Neptune Society office for more information about cremation pricing and cremation options in their community.


The Neptune Society is the nation’s oldest and largest provider of affordable cremation services. Whether you have an immediate need or want to plan cremation services in advance, we are always available to assist you and your family.

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