The Cremation Situation

The Cremation Situation

For the past several decades, the most notable trend in the deathcare industry has been the steady increase in the number of cremations and decrease in the number of burials. The following charts all illustrate this increased cremation trend. The charts use data from different sources, so although the exact numbers/projections may vary, they all point to the same conclusion – the growing popularity of cremation as final disposition choice.

Projected U.S. Cremation & Burial Rates

The first chart shows the historically significant crossover point that happened this year, when the number of cremations surpassed that of burials for the first time.

The second chart shows the percentage of people who reported in a 2015 study that they were “definitely” or “somewhat likely” choosing cremation as an option.

In the past 15 years, cremation rates in the United States have nearly doubled.

It is projected that over the next 18 years, the U.S. rate of cremation will increase by nearly 30 percent.

The Reason Behind the Cremation Trend

The rising popularity of cremation is due to the following 5 key growth drivers:

  • Cost Considerations
  • Fewer Religious Prohibitions
  • Transient Population
  • Changing Consumer Preferences
  • Environmental Concerns

Cremation Formats

The next chart shows the popularity of the different cremation formats in 2014.

  • 35% – Direct Cremation
  • 28% – Casketed Adult Funeral with Viewing & Cremation
  • 37% – Cremation with Memorial Service (No Viewing)

Unique Memorialization Options



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