Golden Ring with Diamond. Jewelry background. Valentine day

What to Do with Ashes: Cremation Diamonds

From diamonds to dust and back to diamonds, learn how cremation can lead to a sparkling gemstone with the help of a little science and ingenuity.

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Romantic Teddy-bears

What to Do with Ashes: Teddy Bear Urns

Ever wish you could hug a loved one who has passed away? Consider using a teddy bear urn to give you or a child comfort through the grieving process.

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time concept

Spending Time with a Loved One: Cremation Hourglasses

As time passes, keep your loved one with you in a cremation hourglass urn. Neptune Society explains the benefits of this unique memorializaion option

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Red Record Player

What to Do With Ashes: Vinyl Records

Looking to memorialize your love of music in a way that will echo for years to come? Press your ashes into a vinyl record that plays your favorite songs.

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Tattoo machine with colourful ink and needles on the table

What To Do With Cremation Ashes: Tattoo Ink

Wish you could keep your loved one with you forever? If so, a tattoo made with cremation ashes might be right for you. Learn more from Neptune Society.

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