What To Do With Cremated Remains

Memorialize your loved one in a unique way that personifies their spirit and honors their memory.

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Memorial Options for Veterans: Flag Presentations, Taps, and More

Veterans and military service members are eligible for special funeral honors. Find out more if you’re planning a funeral for a veteran.

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A List of Helpful Veteran Resources and Support Groups

Online and off, support groups for veterans help families and service members connect with each other and valuable resources. Find out more in our complete guide.

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Military Discharge Form DD214: How to Claim Veterans Benefits

The DD214 form helps you access veteran benefits, including funeral-related benefits. Find out how to get a copy of this form.

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Our Military Partners: How Neptune Society Honors Veterans

The Neptune Society works with veterans and partner organizations to honor military service and assist veterans. Find out about our veteran partners and how you can get involved.

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Veteran Cremation Costs: What Military Members and their Families Need to Know

Veteran burial benefits help families of service members cover end-of-life expenses. Find out about veteran cremation costs and benefits.

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Neptune Society - Cremation vs burial

Cremation vs. Burial Comparison Chart

Before making important decisions about a funeral, burial, or cremation, you and your family should know the relative costs for each. In this piece, we break down the pricing and options.

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Cremation Benefits for Veterans: What Military Families Need to Know

Table of Contents Vet Funeral and Burial Benefits: What eligibility requirements are involved? What preplanning can a veteran do regarding cremation or burial? Military Service Members: What funeral and memorial benefits exist? What memorial benefits is an eligible veteran guaranteed? Do spouses, children, and parents of vets have benefits? Non-Service-Connected vs. a Service-Connected Death: What’s

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Neptune Society's list on what to do when a loved one passes away

Checklist: What To Do After A Loved One Passes Away

Grief can be overwhelming when a loved one has just passed away. Read on for a checklist you can follow to make this period of time a little easier.

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Cremation Memorial Service Ideas

Discover what you need to know about memorializing a loved one. From obituaries to flowers, our guide has all the tips.

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