How Much Does It Cost to Have a Loved One Returned to the US If They Pass Away Overseas?

A loved one’s passing is already difficult enough – what would you do if the death occurred in another country? Read on for more information.

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What to Know When Preplanning Final Arrangements for a Loved One

Is it the right time to talk about preplanning final arrangements for a loved one? Find out more about starting this conversation.

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What is Cremation Preplanning and How Do I Do It?

Preplanning cremation can save you and your family a lot of worry. Get step-by-step guidance for preplanning with Neptune Society.

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How to Choose a Trustworthy Cremation Provider

A trustworthy cremation provider can be a comfort to families during their time of need. Whether you’re preplanning or need help now, find out how to choose the right provider.

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How to Avoid Cremation Scams

Some individuals prey on vulnerable people, especially at an emotionally difficult time. Read on for tips to avoid cremation and burial scams.

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Cremation Preplanning FAQs

Understanding cremation services can help you make an informed decision when preplanning for final arrangements. Check out the FAQs regarding cremation preplanning.

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What is the Average Cost of Cremation?

Cremation is often the most affordable end of life option for most Americans. Find out about cremation costs and preplanning options.

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What is Cremation?

Whether you’re deciding if cremation is right for you or you’re making this decision for a loved one who has already passed on, understanding the process can be helpful. In this article, we provide a comprehensive look at the cremation process and cremation preplanning.

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Senior couple planning cremation with Neptune Society

The Consequences of Failing to Preplan

Planning final arrangements can be difficult for anyone. But when you don’t take the time to plan, unpleasant consequences can make a difficult time even more burdensome on family and friends. This article discusses what can happen if plans are not made ahead of time.

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Comparing Death Benefits for Military Branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and More

Current and former military branch service members have access to many benefits. Find out more about various funeral and memorial benefits for vets.

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