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Everything You Need to Know About Veteran Spousal Benefits

Like U.S. military veterans themselves, spouses of veterans are eligible to receive a variety of benefits and compensation through the Veterans Administration (VA). Read on to understand which benefits you may be eligible for.

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Getting Started With End-of-Life Planning

We understand that thinking about — and acting on — your end-of-life plans might seem morbid and depressing at first. However, preplanning can lift a huge burden for you and your loved ones. Read on for more information on getting started today.

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Advance directive paperwork

What Is an Advance Directive, and Why Do I Need One?

An advance directive is a powerful tool you can use to ensure that your medical wishes are followed when you can’t communicate them yourself. Find out why you might need one and how to go about creating a living will.

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online time capsule

What is an Online Time Capsule?

People leave time capsules because they want to continue sharing something with those they love. Read on for more information on the benefits of creating a digital or physical time capsule for your loved ones.

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The Cost of Cremation Overseas

As we become a more transient society, it is inevitable that more people are passing away outside their hometowns. 

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power of attorney paperwork

How to Choose a Power of Attorney and Next of Kin

Designating someone as power of attorney or knowing who your next of kin might be can provide peace of mind. Find out what these designations mean and how to choose someone for the roles.

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cremation planning considerations

What to Consider Before Going with a “Low Cost” Cremation Provider

If you decide to use a cremation provider that identifies itself as “low cost,” the most important thing you can do to ensure the process goes smoothly is to educate yourself. Read on for tips on researching and choosing the right cremation provider for you.

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Organ Donor Pros and Cons

Have you ever considered becoming an organ donor? Read on for information on the benefits of organ donation, how to become an organ donor, and what processes take place at the time of need.

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Digital estate

What Happens To My Digital Estate After I Pass Away?

Estate planning today isn’t just about ensuring your physical assets are distributed among your heirs. You may also need to consider your digital estate and how to protect your information and family once you’re gone.

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Why Should I Preplan Cremation?

Learn more about preplanning cremation vs. burial, the benefits of cremation, and why you should choose direct cremation instead of a traditional burial.

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